FAW A FC vs. FAW FC | Hopp Studio Test Competition 22/23

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      1. As we marvel at the incredible 13 goals, you have to wonder what went to the heads of the FAW Fc players to give away a 6 goal lead, only to claw a winner at the death. You’ll not see a more exciting game, Brian.

      2. A 13 goal thriller ending in spectacular fashion as EXAMPLEQ scores an own goal.

      3. Own goal

        EXAMPLEQ Test

      4. Goal

        EXAMPLEQ Test

      5. We could be heading for extra time, if Gethin Bale can get the equalizer

      6. Gethin Bale hits the woodwork. Nail biting finish to this match. Can FAW A FC score an equaliser?

      7. General comment test

      8. FAW FC are on the ropes. Seems quite remarkable given how dominant they were in in the first half. They’ll be lucky to cling on to their lead.

      9. Substitution

        Sarah Gill replaces Dan Covello Test

      10. Machio is off the bench and looking focussed. Looking to shore up the defence, and go on the attack to keep a slim lead.

      11. Penalty

        EXAMPLE 102 Test – edited by Mike

      12. Red card

        PLAYERA Test

      13. Goal

        BALE Gethin

      14. There’s an ethereal presence over this game, as FAW AFC start a remarkable come back

      15. Yellow card

        TEST EXAMPLE Adult Player

      16. Yellow card

        EXAMPLE U6 Player

      17. Yellow card

        TEST Player

      18. So Gareth Bale’s young cousin Gethin takes to the pitch for his World Cup debut. What a stage to start how career

      19. All the momentum with 10-man FAW A FC. Atmosphere is electric.

      20. Goal

        BALE Gethin

      21. Substitution

        BALE Gethin replaces PLAYERB Test

      22. Goal

        EXAMPLE Test

      23. Second yellow for EXAMPLE3. FAW A FC have come out fighting this second half but are now paying the price. Down to 10 men and 5 goals down.

      24. Yellow card

        EXAMPLE3 Test

      25. Yellow card

        EXAMPLE Test

      26. Second half is getting underway.

      27. And that’s the end of the first half. FAW A FC lucky they’re only down 5 – a very difficult half for them.

      28. As we approach half time, the Cymru fans are making plenty of noise.

        The Cymru Fans are in the stadium.
      29. Substitution

        EXAMPLESON Test replaces PLAYER 9 Test

      30. Looks like Page is going to make a substitution. He’s given Rogers the call. Big occasion to earn his first cap.

      31. Goal

        EXAMPLE2 Test

      32. Penalty

        PLAYER 1 Test

      33. Yellow card

        EXAMPLE3 Test

      34. George Berry showing his class tody

      35. Goal

        PLAYER 1 Test

      36. That was a dirty foul – deliberate and some would have called or a red card there. Me included

      37. Yellow card

        PLAYER3 Test

      38. The Red Wall are in superb voice as FAW FC storm ahead

      39. Goal

        EXAMPLEZ Test

      40. Amazing goal there from PLAYERF Test, great overhead kick leaves the GK standing

      41. Goal

        PLAYERF Test

      42. Test comment

      43. Goal

        TEST Player

      44. Goal

        PLAYERB Test

      45. There is no live report available for this match








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