FAW FC vs. FAW A FC | Hopp Studio Test Competition 22/23

      Live ReportMatch Summary

      1. Substitution

        EXAMPLE 102 Test replaces PLAYERG Test

      2. Goal

        PLAYER3 Test

      3. What happens second post same minute

      4. Big mistake from the goalkeeper there

      5. Own goal

        KEEPER Goal

      6. Nine goals on the hour mark, not a game for the goalkeepers!

      7. Goal

        PLAYERK Test

      8. 4-4! I hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come!

      9. Yellow card

        EXAMPLEQ Test

      10. Goal

        EXAMPLEX Test

      11. Danny Ward
        “It’s just a confidence thing. We had a tough transfer window which everyone seemed to be talking about and sometimes that was difficult to deal with in the changing room. But we knew all along, you look through the squad of players we have and the characters as well as the quality of players, we knew it would be a matter of time until we built our confidence levels and got back to the standard we’d set in recent years. Thankfully we’ve gone some way to getting back there.”

      12. Second half is due to start again at 12pm GMT

      13. Test with match minute

      14. Goal

        EXAMPLEZ Test

      15. Test with hidden match minute

      16. Just five minutes left of this first half…

      17. Kieffer Moore
        “Along with the physical side, not many people you come up against like that side of the game. It is a bit of rarity now and something you can pull on. You can dominate the person you are up against in a physical and aggressive way.”

      18. Such a narrow miss!

      19. Missed penalty

        TWO Test

      20. Goal

        EXAMPLE U6 Player

      21. Goal

        EXAMPLESON Test

      22. Test

      23. Test (Mark P)

      24. Testing where this comments, drops in, posting after the event.

        Great decision there to sub out

      25. Substitution

        EXAMPLE Test replaces PLAYERB Test

      26. Yellow card

        PLAYERB Test

      27. Goal

        EXAMPLE U6 Player

      28. Own goal

        PLAYER 1 Test

      29. Penalty

        EXAMPLEX Test

      30. Goal

        EXAMPLE U6 Player

      31. Test with hidden minus match minute

      32. Gareth Bale Press Conference
        “It’s an incredible feeling. To actually be in the team that achieves it is an incredible feeling. It’ll be a fun time hopefully for us and one we want to enjoy like we always do on the pitch as a national team. We’re just our normal group having a good time and working hard.

      33. Test same minus minute

      34. There is no live report available for this match








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